Sep 16


Kirby Chambliss (USA)

When it comes down to racing, there’s only one goal – to go fast, and then faster. This is a trend we’ve kept over the last few races, and we’re hoping it doesn’t stop here at Lausitzring when it comes time for race day tomorrow.

From our fastest run in practice sessions to our Qualifying run today, we managed to shave off nearly one-half second! We finished the first run with a time of 50.472 seconds. Unfortunately, Kirby pulled just over the 12 G limit at 12.1 and got a DNF (Did Not Finish) for the second run. While it’s unfortunate we didn’t complete two clean runs, our final time resulted in 4th position. Tomorrow we will fly second to Mikael Brageot in Heat 2 of the Round of 14.

Tactician, Paulo Iscold, weighs in on the heated competition at the 7th stop this season. “This race is extremely tight, and tomorrow is going to be a gambling game. We have pilots who flew fast in Qualifying but didn’t do as well in the free practice sessions. And then we have pilots who didn’t do so good in the free practice sessions that really put down a nice time in Qualifying. I think the most important aspect of this race is consistency, and that’s what Kirby is doing.”

Head-to-head pairings for tomorrow’s Round of 14 are as follows:

  • Heat 1: Nicolas Ivanoff vs. Martin Sonka
  • Heat 2: Mikael Brageot vs. Kirby Chambliss
  • Heat 3: Juan Velarde vs. Matthias Dolderer
  • Heat 4: Francois Le Vot vs. Yoshihide Muroya
  • Heat 5: Michael Goulian vs. Pete McLeod
  • Heat 6: Peter Podlunsek vs. Petr Kopfstein
  • Heat 7: Christian Bolton vs. Matt Hall

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