Feb 28



Competing in an international series requires a significant amount of travel – not only for our team members, but for our race plane as well! How exactly does N14KN make its way around the globe? By one of the three methods below!


1. Ferry

When possible, we fly! It may seem like an obvious way to get around, but it happens a lot less than one may presume. With just 38 usable gallons of fuel, each leg is limited to 300-350 nautical miles.


2. Air freight

The most common way the race plane is transported between venues is via air freight shipments. Both the wing and tail are removed from the fuselage and put into their respective boxes – picture a giant suitcase. The fuselage is then wrapped for protection prior to being strapped onto what looks like a giant cookie sheet. Once two aircraft are secured to the pallet, they are trucked to an airport and loaded into a 747. This is ideal for transporting the aircraft between locations that have a great distance between them in a timely manner.



3. Sea freight 

When there’s time to spare, the aircraft are shipped in a 40-ft. sea freight container. Just like shipping by air, the race plane must first be disassembled. Then, all goods are put into the container and secured with tie-down straps. This process can be seen below!



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