May 20


It’s that time again! The members of Team Chambliss are on their way to Chiba, Japan, for the 3rd stop of the 2018 Red Bull Air Race season. On average, the team spends 7-10 days away from home at any one time, and one of the busiest years had Team Chambliss on the road for 280 days!

One might say they are travel connoisseurs, but it’s not always easy being away from home. Below the team shares some insights to their travel routine! Can you relate??


What is one item you can’t travel without?

  • Kirby: Noise canceling headset
  • Jason: Power adapters
  • Kayla: Noise canceling headset
  • Paulo: My computers


What is your favorite thing to do on flights?

  • Kirby: Watch movies
  • Jason: Look out the window
  • Kayla: Sleep
  • Paulo: Look out the window and dream of being down there


Is there a “last meal” you eat before traveling?

  • Kirby: Anything home cooked
  • Jason: A home cooked meal
  • Kayla: A chicken salad has been my most recent trend
  • Paulo: Whatever is on the table


What food do you look forward to most when you return home?

  • Kirby: Acai bowls
  • Jason: Tossup between Pizza, Burgers, or Mexican food
  • Kayla: Mexican food
  • Paulo: Whatever is served!


What is your favorite caffeine boost on the road?

  • Kirby: Red Bull
  • Jason: Red Bull
  • Kayla: Coffee
  • Paulo: Coke


Do you have any tips or tricks to conquer jet lag?

  • Kirby: Go early to an event to adjust your body
  • Jason: Don’t nap!
  • Kayla: Keep yourself very busy the first full day to stay awake
  • Paulo: Don’t think about it – going east is always easier, though


What do you miss the most about home when you’re away?

  • Kirby: My Family
  • Jason: My Fiancé and our pets
  • Kayla: My dog and my bed
  • Paulo: My Family



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