Feb 01


The team is back in Abu Dhabi to open the 2018 Red Bull Air Race season! After our most successful finish last season since the return of the races in 2014, we’re not planning on losing any momentum now! Kirby will be supported by the same team once again, with Jason Resop as team technician, Paulo Iscold as team tactician, and Kayla Layton as team coordinator.

The pilots have now completed a few training sessions in preparation for the qualifying round. The track isn’t much different from last year, but the minor changes are proving to be a challenge.

“There are two optimum lines that are very close to one another, but the wind is going to be a determining factor in which line we choose to fly. That’s what we are studying right now,” shares Paulo.

Kirby, who knows the start of any season is critical, adds, “an over-G penalty is going to be the highest risk this race. Whoever can pull right to the limit on the vertical turns as well as between gates 6-7-and back around to the finish gate, will see the fastest times. After the training rounds, it looks like it’s going to be a very tight race.”

To the team’s excitement, there has been (what we would call) a big rule change. For 2018, a pilot will no longer receive a “Did Not Finish (DNF)” penalty for exceeding 10 G’s longer than six-tenths of a second. This will now result in a two-second penalty. And while a two-second penalty may still be detrimental, it will allow the pilot to complete a full run.


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