Feb 10


What a fantastic Qualifying Day for the Americans here in Abu Dhabi! A second-place finish for Michael Goulian and a third-place finish for Kirby leaves us ambitious to meet, once again, on tomorrow’s podium! After struggling with disqualifications for over-G penalties in the last two practice sessions, we feel like we’re finally back on track.

“I was super disappointed with exceeding 12G’s in this morning’s practice. That made it the second time I had done that, so I really tried to be somewhat conservative in our qualifying runs – as little as you can be. I feel like I can still be a bit faster, but this race is all about balance. Overall, I’m happy with where we placed today and look forward to race day tomorrow!” shares Kirby.

Not only does it take great flying to rise to the top, but a fast plane is equally important! Technician, Jason Resop, reflects on all of the hard work put in this off season. “As far as our side goes (modifying and maintaining the aircraft), I’m super happy. We took off all the excess weight this winter, and our plane is finally where we’ve wanted it to be. I think it reflects in our time, for sure!”

Moving towards race day, tomorrow’s Round of 14 lineup is as follows:

  • Heat 1: Yoshihide Muroya v. Juan Velarde
  • Heat 2: Matthias Dolderer v. Pete McLeod
  • Heat 3: Nicolas Ivanoff v. Petr Kopfstein
  • Heat 4: Francois Le Vot v. Kirby Chambliss
  • Heat 5: Christian Bolton v. Mikael Brageot
  • Heat 6: Matt Hall v. Michael Goulian
  • Heat 7: Peter Podlunsek v. Martin Sonka


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