Jun 30


Budapest marks the half way point of the season, and our team is pushing harder than ever for a podium finish and a jump in the World Championship standings. As Kirby’s had the most success in his racing career here, our hopes are high for the upcoming weekend!

Known for its exciting start passing under the Chain bridge, the race track has been redesigned for 2017. Of the 24 gates, gate 7 and 13 are most noteworthy. A proper setup into gate 7 will affect much of the track, as well as the vertical turn maneuver (VTM) in gate 13. Any deviation from the optimum line at these two points could be quite costly in time.

Kirby’s thoughts from Training 1?  “It was like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride out there! The winds were strong today, causing a lot of turbulence. Even in these conditions, though, it was a good opportunity to get in the new track. There’s a couple of adjustments I need to make and I think we’ll be right there.”

Unfortunately, Training 2 was canceled due to high winds. But Paulo Iscold, Team Tactician, doesn’t see this as a huge disadvantage. “A couple of improvements to the main pulls in the track along with a better approach from gate six to seven should add a second or two to our time. I think this will be easy to fix even with one less training session.”

We will take full advantage of tomorrow’s final training session before Qualifying. Be sure to tune in to the NBC Sports Network app to watch Quali live at 10:00 ET!


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