Jun 22


It’s the halfway point of the season and given that the leaderboard is currently log-jammed with two- and even three-way ties, the pilots who deliver breakout runs over the Danube can create some serious momentum.

Last year we were ninth in the World Championship standings heading into Budapest, and the victory in the city kicked off a chain reaction of strong performances that launched us to the top of the leaderboard after the very next race, eventually finishing the season in a strong fourth overall. This time, we’re already a rung higher at eight place, and with seventy-five points waiting to be grabbed across the final five stops, everything is possible.

“We always race to win, but we had some real ups and downs in Chiba, so having good, clean, consistent runs here in Hungary will mean even more than usual,” says Kirby. “It’s a beautiful city and we love flying here. We’ll give it all we’ve got and let the results take care of themselves.”



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