Jun 23


Last season we claimed a win in Budapest that ignited our season and went on to win back-to-back wins. After a disappointing result in Chiba, we’re hoping to duplicate last season’s shift of momentum over the Danube on Race Day.

The name of the game is clean runs and consistency, so we put a focus on that heading into the Qualifying session.

“Our first run went like we expected it to. We wanted to have a clean, conservative run and we laid down a pretty decent time, which placed us second in the standings up to that point. I really went for it the second time and I pulled just a touch too early through the vertical gate and that’s what got us a two-second penalty,” remarks Kirby.  “If we can duplicate the second run without a penalty tomorrow, we will be in pretty good shape. We’re battling a couple of mechanical issues at the moment but we’re hoping to get that squared up this evening.”

“We noticed a fluctuating oil pressure issue that needs to be addressed. Our team is going to look everything over this evening so we’re ready to go for the Round of 14,” adds technician Jason Resop.


Head-to-head pairings for tomorrow’s Round of 14:

  • Heat 1: Christian Bolton vs. Pete McLeod
  • Heat 2: Francois Le Vot vs. Matt Hall
  • Heat 3: Juan Velarde vs. Mika Brageot
  • Heat 4: Nicolas Ivanoff vs. Petr Kopfstein
  • Heat 5: Ben Murphy vs. Kirby Chambliss
  • Heat 6: Michael Goulian vs. Yoshihide Muroya
  • Heat 7: Matthias Dolderer vs. Martin Sonka


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