Apr 20


Coming off a podium finish at the season opener in Abu Dhabi, our team couldn’t be readier to get back in the track for the debut race in Cannes, France! It’s been an unusually long break between races – more than two months since that kickoff in early February.

“It makes it hard to keep the momentum up, for sure,” Kirby acknowledges. “Still, we prepare the same as we do for every race. It’s an advantage and a disadvantage that we’ve never raced in Cannes before. The downside is that you don’t have anything from previous seasons to look back on, and you have very little time to adjust lines before race day. But the positive side of it is that every pilot is in the same boat; it’s everyone’s first time,” states Kirby.

With two training sessions complete, we are a little off pace of where we’d like to be. But with the evening to review and analyze flights, we expect to see an improvement tomorrow.


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