Jun 02



The Red Bull Air Race is welcomed back to Chiba by undoubtedly the largest crowd of the season! Although we were able to complete test flights in preparation for qualifying day, what we really wish we could share is our description of the track. Unfortunately, winds exceeded the track limits so we haven’t had an opportunity to fly it.

Throughout the years, we have revisited various race locations and the track tends to not see much change. Some pilots see this as an advantage, others take it as it come. But that’s not the case for Chiba in 2017!

“It’s an entirely different track that what we saw last year. Maneuvers are going to have to be a lot tighter to stay on the right line. I wish I could say doing well in the track last year would be an advantage going into the race this weekend, but it is completely different,” remarks Kirby.

The lack of track flying didn’t put a damper on the energy felt in the week leading up to race, though. A crowd of nearly one thousand fans showered the pilots with support and gifts.

“Racing in Japan is always one of the highlights of the season. All of the people here are so giving and their energy makes this race special,”says Kirby.

We are looking at a better forecast for tomorrow, which should allow a packed day of flight!

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