Jun 03


Heightened winds closed the door on practice sessions prior to Qualifying Day, an added element increasing the difficulty of the track here in Chiba. Although this is not our first time in Japan, the race track was revamped this year.

“There’s really no advantage to the fact that we’ve raced here in the past. When you have a repeat of a track, you can usually take a look at the previous year and study from what you’ve already learned. Everyone’s starting from square one this year. And although we have our initial analysis done weeks in advance, all of our flight analysis had to be done today,” remarks Kirby.

“We tend to do better with a shortened timeframe, so I don’t think it affected our performance too much. I was really bummed that I crossed the safety line in the first qualifying run. I was on the right line and really felt like it was going to be a good run. Even reviewing the footage afterwards, it looked really promising. But we are happy with our qualifying position overall.”

A 6th place finish puts us head to head with Juan Velarde of Spain for tomorrow’s Round of 14.

All head to head pairings are below:

  • Heat 1: Nicolas Ivanoff v. Matt Hall
  • Heat 2: Petr Kopfstein v. Yoshihide Muroya
  • Heat 3: Juan Velarde v. Kirby Chambliss
  • Heat 4: Mikael Brageot v. Martin Sonka
  • Heat 5: Peter Podlunsek v. Michael Goulian
  • Heat 6: Christian Bolton v. Matthias Dolderer
  • Heat 7: Francois Le Vot v. Pete McLeod

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