Nov 18



Photo by Jörg Mitter   

Kirby Chambliss is excited to fly in his home state of Texas—and it shows! “The home crowd always provides that extra motivation during the competition.” Kirby exclaims. It must be true as he spends the practice rounds pushing the limits of the track to find the optimal line through the course.

His learnings are effective as he secures a first place finish in the third free practice with a time of 50.048 in his second run. The momentum continues with a strong finish in today’s Qualifying round despite shifting wind conditions.

“I feel great about the runs today,” states Kirby. “But, we might as well take our learnings from the past few days and throw them out the window tomorrow as the anticipated weather conditions will transform the Texas Motor Speedway into a whole new track. That said, I am a competitor and am going to give my all.”

Kirby’s time of 51.027s in his second qualifying run results in a fourth-place finish. So, he will meet Mika Brageot in Heat 2 of tomorrow’s Round of 14.

Head to head pairings for tomorrow’s Round of 14 are as follows:

  • Heat 1: McLeod vs Hall
  • Heat 2: Brageot vs Chambliss
  • Heat 3: Goulian vs Bolton
  • Heat 4: Murphy vs Le Vot
  • Heat 5: Kopfstein vs Muroya
  • Heat 6: Ivanoff vs Sonka
  • Heat 7: Velarde vs  Dolderer

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