Jun 14


It’s been an unusually long break since the Red Bull Air Race season opener in February, and because the raceplanes were shipped directly to Europe from that Abu Dhabi stop, our team didn’t have the opportunity to make modifications or train with our Edge 540 V3. But that didn’t keep the Kirby out of the sky: he’s been engaging with fans and maintaining his G-fitness at airshows such as the Thunder & Lightning Air Over Arizona Air Show at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Go Wheels Up in San Marcos and the Chennault International Airshow in Louisiana.

“We really haven’t had any way to prepare for Kazan other than studying the track, but our expectation for the race is to try and win, as always,” declares Kirby.

The recent news that the Red Bull Air Race will not continue past 2019 only heightens Kirby’s motivation.

“Being a part of the sport’s journey from its start has been a priceless experience, and after 14 years, the members of the Red Bull Air Race have become our second family,” he says. “I am grateful and honored to have worked with some of the best in our industry! While this news comes mid-season, our team intends to put forth our best effort for the remaining races of 2019. Although this chapter may be coming to a close, we are happy to continue our sponsorship with Red Bull North America and will continue to participate in air shows across the globe.”

Kirby adds, “Even though we’ve been told there are only three races left in the series, including Kazan, we view it as three more opportunities to bring home a first place. So we are not going to let up at all. We’re excited to get in the track here.”


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