Sep 15


Kirby Chambliss (USA), Elias Hountondji (GER)

For the first time this season, our race week did not start out with an assembly! What it did start with was showers and cold weather, something Team Chambliss isn’t quite accustomed to being desert folk… But our spirits are high and we are excited to be back in the Speedway. The venue always holds an exciting crowd, full of energy and participation!

Prior to flying, Kirby got to have some fun of his own as he sat passenger in a professional drift car. Elias Hountondji of the Red Bull Drift Brothers took Kirby for a ride on the wild side, and the smiles and laughter that exited the vehicle proved it was as thrilling as it looked!

Now, on to business. While it’s hard to ignore we are in the thick of the fight for the overall title, that’s exactly what our team strategy has been.  We’ve made it our focus to take one race at a time and look for individual race wins. Our goal stays the same as we tackle the Lausitzring track this weekend. We’ve finished both practice sessions in the top three, but as we like to say, race day is Sunday.

“While we’re happy with our placement in practice, it is only practice. And the times between all pilots right now are so close. We just can’t count anyone out this week. But we’re feeling confident with our line this race and hope to find ourselves on the podium before we head home for the season finale in Indy,” remarks Kirby.

Saturday’s Qualifying Round can be seen on NBC Sports at 10:00 ET, or viewed live on the NBC Sports App.


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