Sep 02



The people of Porto seem to be just as excited about the return of the Red Bull Air Race to Portugal as we are! Spectators came by the thousands and lined the Douro River for today’s Qualifying session. After experiencing some difficulties with our airplane after the morning’s final practice session, our team is happy to have set down the fastest run we’ve had all week, resulting in a second-place finish.

“With all the drama and things that were going on, I feel pretty good. Second is OK for right now, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow,” remarks Kirby.

Eight-tenths of a second behind Qualifying winner, Pete McLeod, Team Chambliss in the hunt to find that last bit of time for race day.

“I go up against Juan – he can be fast – and everybody’s good, so you can’t count anybody out. There are no more free rides unless somebody over-Gs or something like that. The times are really close, and it’s going to be anybody’s race, but we hope we’ll come out on top.”

Head-to-head matchups for tomorrow’s Round of 14 are as follows:

  • Heat 1: Mikael Brageot vs. Michael Goulian
  • Heat 2: Nicolas Ivanoff vs. Petr Kopfstein
  • Heat 3: Matthias Dolderer vs. Matt Hall
  • Heat 4: Peter Podlunsek vs. Yoshihide Muroya
  • Heat 5: Francois Le Vot vs. Martin Sonka
  • Heat 6: Juan Velarde vs. Kirby Chambliss
  • Heat 7: Christian Bolton vs. Pete McLeod

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