Sep 03


Kirby Chambliss (USA)

After overcoming yesterday’s damages and placing second in Qualifying, our team was feeling very optimistic for what would come on race day. The Round of 14 was most unfortunate for our competitor, Juan Velarde. He, too, suffered airplane damage after the final practice session and was unable to complete repairs in time for race day. His DNS (did not start) gave us an easy route to the Round of 8.

It was then Petr Kopfstein that we had to face. Kirby overcame his time of 1:08:452 by .617 seconds and moved on to the final four for the fourth time this season. We were hoping to make it a hat-trick with three wins in a row, but a penalty for climbing in the gate was just too much of a loss in time and resulted in a fourth-place finish.

“I was really hoping for another win and knew if I was going to make it happen, I was going to have to push it. Unfortunately, I pulled just a little too early in Gate 9 and that set us back to fourth,” remarks Kirby.

Martin Sonka went on to take first place, followed by Qualifying leader, Pete McLeod, in second, and Matt Hall in third. Our position today brought us down to third in the overall world championship standings, but there’s still two races left and it is anyone’s game. We promise to fight until the very end!

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