May 25


Our team’s schedule is anything but slow. We constantly bounce between time zones, traveling across the country for air races and air shows. But what goes on in between? Unusual for our team, we’ve had an extended time at home between the San Diego air race and the upcoming race in Chiba, Japan. And while our team can’t complain about the extra nights in our own beds, what’s keeping us busy?

One of our biggest focuses is maintenance for our fleet. Jason has been full force ahead on annuals, from our airshow planes to the Meridian. In addition to our home-based fleet, we took advantage of the opportunity to bring the race plane home for some adjustments prior to its shipment off to Japan. In San Diego, we were experiencing starting issues. Luckily, it was an easy tune-up with new magnetos. We also upgraded Paulo’s “tell-all” data acquisition system, allowing us to collect better data and more data, a feature we are excited to use in Japan!

Another big focus is training. While we can and do train with our single-seat airshow plane, there are definitely advantages using the actual race plane. Without giving too much away, we spent a large amount of time testing different handling adjustments. With these, we are looking forward to Chiba!

Kirby’s goal for the next Red Bull Air Race?

“Yoshi beat us in our home country in San Diego. We only hope to return the favor in Japan!”


Red Bull Air Race Chiba, Japan, takes place June 3 and 4, 2017. 


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