Feb 15


John Hanlon’s love for aviation goes “as far back as he can remember.” With the influence and shared enthusiasm for aviation from his two older brothers, now fellow pilots, he always knew what he wanted to do when he grew up. He began flying lessons at only 11 years old, completed his first solo flight by the age of 16, and earned his private pilot’s certificate at 18.

John then went to San Diego State University and completed a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science. After receiving his A&P license, he began working as a maintenance technician, a position he has held for over 39 years.

John and Kirby were introduced by a mutual friend at Southwest Airlines over 22 years ago, and they’ve been great friends ever since! John assists the team as a Technician and Aircraft Inspector for all of Chambliss’ airplanes, including 4 Zivko Edge 540’s (1 race plane and 3 air show planes) and a Piper Meridian that serves as a support vehicle. His main priority is making sure all planes are current with annual inspections.

Time away from working on airplanes means recreational flying! Outside of aviation, John loves to be outdoors. His additional hobbies include scuba diving, racing jet skis, and shooting competitively.