Mar 06


Like the rest of Team Chambliss, Paulo Iscold lives and breathes aviation! From a very young age, he’d overheard conversations of his father’s friend building airplanes and knew someday he would do the same. He attended the Universidade Federal de minas Gerias (UMFG) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and received his doctorate in mechanical engineering. Over the past twenty years, Paulo has developed a unique and exceptional combination of skills and expertise in Aircraft Design, Construction, Optimization, and Development in Aviation Sports.

Paulo is now in his third year as Team Tactician. He works closely with Technician, Jason Resop, in the design and development of race plane modifications and aerodynamic evaluation. When the Red Bull Air Race World Championship season is active, he focuses on data analysis and course optimization.

Outside of the team, Paulo is addressed by another name – Professor. He teaches multiple courses in Airplane Design, Flight Tests, and Applied Aerodynamics at UMFG in his hometown. As a designer, airplane developer, researcher, and consultant, Paulo works closely with students constructing airplanes for the purpose of breaking records. His newest airplane, Anequim (Portuguese for mako, the fastest shark in the ocean), broke five World Records in the FAI C1a category: speed in 3km, 15km, 100km and 500km and time to climb up to 3000m. With his passion for aircraft design, he hopes to continue the development of record-making race planes.