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COVID-19 has impacted each and every one of our lives, uprooting our schedules and canceling our plans for 2020. Following suit with events nation-wide, it has meant the gut-wrenching cancellation of show after show for our team. But while airshows and events of the like may be put on an indefinite hold, flying for a cause has not.

Angel Flight West (AFW) is a non-profit organization with a growing network of over 1400 pilots. AFW matches those in need of assisted transportation with a willing and able pilot who volunteers his/her time and aircraft.  While combatting the shortage of supplies related to COVID-19 has been at the forefront of needs, AFW’s mission is to supply flights that are “intended for situations in which the passenger cannot afford to purchase commercial airline tickets, or when travel by land or commercial airline would be of physical hardship. Other situations include, but are not limited to, a compromised immune system or living in a remote area without access to commercial transportation.” Medical transport, domestic violence relocation, assistance for military personnel, and disaster response are just a few areas of focus for AFW.

“I became a pilot for Angel Flight West because I believe in using my passion for flight to help those in need,” shares Kirby. “My first mission was in April of this year, where I flew necessary PPE gowns to the Navajo and Hopi Nations. I have also participated in a group delivery of 2,233 pounds of emergency relief supplies to the Hualapai Tribe in northwest Arizona. Working with AFW and knowing we are helping those in need is extremely rewarding. I highly encourage my fellow aviators to consider joining AFW’s cause!”

For more information about Angel Flight West or information on becoming a volunteer, visit



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