Apr 14


This is the second most asked question for Kirby and Team Chambliss! So, here we go…

The FAA has a few requirements that every air show pilot must meet. The first item on the list is a private pilots license, you would also need a commercial license if you plan on charging the air show organizer. You will be evaluated for a low altitude competency card, issued by an ACE, also know as an aerobatic competency evaluator. This progressive evaluation allows the pilot to move from an attitude of 1500 ft toward the surface, based on the pilots ability and the number of air shows flown. More importantly, it is helpful to have flown in competition aerobatics and to have years of experience flying aerobatics. That usually means having a good coach, instructor or mentor and being instructed in a 2 seat aerobatic airplane.

To fly a captivating show takes years of experience and tons of training.  Kirby’s very first aerobatic lesson was with Duane Cole, two-time National Aerobatic Champion and a member of the Cole Brothers Airshows. Five-time United States National Aerobatic Champion, Kirby uses his competition background to bring precision and structure to his performance. Kirby enjoys flying shows because of the close proximity to the crowd, the ability to reach out to fans and the future generation of pilots. Kirby says, “If I can impact someones life in a positive way through my flying, then I feel like I have accomplished something lasting!”



“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
~J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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