Oct 06


As the season begins to come to a close here in Indianapolis, all the teams are bustling around to ensure they are prepared for Sunday’s race, eagerly eyeing the Championship next month in Texas.

“Wherever we race, we go for the win, and this weekend will be no different. But for anybody in motorsports, a victory at Indy is special, and we’d love to add our names to the teams that have won here,” states Kirby.

When asked the most difficult maneuver, Kirby states, “Win, that’s the most difficult maneuver.” He went on to explain, “Everyone has been doing it for a long time; they’re darn good at it.  The race will be super close, within fractions of a second.”

Our technician, Jason Resop, arrived a week early to assembly the race plane. “Jason’s getting married on October 6! He and his fiancée set the date long before we had any idea that it would be Qualifying day for the race on Sunday,” Kirby reveals. “We’re going to be sorry to miss the wedding, but we’re all super happy for Jason.”

Filling in at Indy will be California-based Steve Andelin, whose deep expertise includes not only licenses as an aircraft mechanic and aircraft inspector, but also a degree in aeronautics, two years on the United States Aerobatic Team, a win at the US Unlimited Aerobatic Championship, and serving as a Boeing 787 international captain for American Airlines. Further, Andelin has been a test pilot for Zivko Aeronautics, the company that manufactured Chambliss’ Edge 540 V3 raceplane.

Another new face in the hangar will be Kate Cook from Arizona, who will be shadowing current Team Coordinator Kayla in preparation for taking over the role next year.  Kate is a pilot in training with 2 years of operation management experience and a background in aerospace and mechanics. Asked her thoughts on how the week has gone so far, she responded, “It’s been a whirl wind of new information, but I am thrilled to take over the role and help the team to a championship title in 2019”.


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