Jan 04


Jay Stewart began flying before his feet could even reach the pedals. Some of his earliest memories come from flying with his father in their family Champ. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jay became a pilot himself and currently works for US Airways.

Jay and Kirby have been friends for over 28 years, and are also neighbors at the Flying Crown Ranch! Jay joined Team Chambliss eight years ago, ferrying airplanes when the team needed an extra pilot. Along with transporting airplanes, he also assists the team in mechanics and ground servicing when needed. For Jay, “no job is too big or too small”. He is willing to help out wherever necessary to ensure Kirby is able to put on the best show for the fans.

What’s the best part of being a part of a team like Team Chambliss? The camaraderie. “We are all friends with a common goal.”

Outside of flying, Jay found a new favorite hobby when Kirby introduced him to skydiving just over four years ago. He can now be found jumping out of planes whenever possible; that is when he is not responsible for flying them. “It’s really about having fun with your friends while flying your bodies. Everyone wears a smile while skydiving!” We couldn’t agree more!