Mar 05


Having a father and a grandfather who were both pilots, there was no question on what Grant Groathouse would strive to achieve as he grew up. He began fueling at Chandler Municipal airport in high school to fund his love for flight, and received his private pilot certificate at the age of 17. He continued his training and received multiple ratings, including instrument, commercial, and flight instructor. Working alongside close friend Jason Resop, Grant also met Kirby during this time.

While Jason began his new position with Team Chambliss, Grant attended Arizona State University and received a degree in Aeronautical Management. Showing interest in helping Jason with Kirby’s plane, he was asked to join the team as a Ferry Pilot. He continues to help Jason with maintenance on all airplanes when needed and joins the team at air shows and Red Bull Air Races when available.

After achieving advanced ratings, Grant became a pilot for Allegiant Airlines and has been with the company for twelve years. He enjoys working as a commercial pilot while getting to travel across the United States.

When he is not working for the airlines or the team, Grant spends his time recreational flying, traveling, and playing club hockey with friends.