Apr 01


Kirby’s aerobatic technique has amazed many through out the years. He has always said that if he can show people something they have never seen before then he has done his job. While he makes his skills look easy, they don’t always start out that way! After an idea comes to mind, Kirby heads to the plane to test, flying at a much higher altitude for safety purposes. However, not all ideas make the final cut; while a certain skill may feel great from the plane, it doesn’t always look that way from the ground. Members of the team stand below and film to help Kirby make this judgment.When satisfied with the overall idea and look of a new skill, Kirby then practices to perfect it. He progressively flies lower and lower as he becomes more comfortable, pushing the limits and increasing intensity! After this process, the skill is now complete; the only thing left is to show it off!

Photo by Sam Myers

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